Illegal migrants continue to storm the “Carpathian barrier”

Eight people from the Caucasus and three Africans were detained last weekend by Chop border guards for illegal attempt to cross the Ukrainian-Slovak border.

In the first case, the border guards acted after receiving information proactively. During the search activities in the area of ​​"Stuzhytsya" unit in Velyky Berezny district, border guards arrested a group of unknown people consisting of one man and two women. The offenders said that they were citizens of the Sudan, but could not prove their identities with documents – the press service of the Chop border guard detachment reported.

Other brave men, heading over the mountains to Slovakia, were detained a few hours later by border guards of "Velyky Berezny" unit. First, they detained two citizens of Georgia and later another four of their compatriots. As usually happens in such cases, none of the detainees had any IDs. Another two Georgians, who were heading over the Carpathian Mountains, were detained by border guards of the "Huta" unit a kilometer away from to the Ukrainian-Slovak border.

All offenders, in total 11 people, were taken to border units to determine the circumstances of the offense and make administrative and procedural documents. The decision on the further fate of the detainees will be determine by court.

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