If Transcarpathia was truly a tourist place… (PHOTOS)

If Transcarpathia was really officially a tourism region… A Mukachevo advertiser Volodymyr Hvozdo visualized that idea.

Using a graphical editor, he "replaced" advertising boards at the exit from Uzhgorod with informational signs showing the distance to Mukachevo, Lviv and Kyiv and the nearest notable sites (interesting to tourists!).


"This is how it should have been, if tourism in Transcarpathian region was really a priority" – the man comments on his illustrations in facebook. Obviously, Volodymyr hints: tourism in the region is developing not thanks to those responsible for it (such as the government that are supposed to provide the infrastructure), but despite them – simply because of the beauty and unique nature of the region. Although, who knows, maybe after the publication of the artwork someone will manage to install real road signs that the tourists need…  


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