Icon exhibition of Franciscan monk from Transcarpathia is held in Beregovo

Icon exhibition opened in the exhibition hall named after Arnold Gross of Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute, which was presented by a Franciscan monk Tarsytsiy Varga on April 5. The exhibition is held as a part of the project ‘Thousand faces of Culture 2012’. The director of the institute Ildyka Oros and the representatives of the Catholic Franciscan Order solemnly opened the exhibition.

Tarsytsiy Varga was born in the village Chepa in Vynogradiv. He became acquainted with the Franciscans monks and missionaries who arrived in Transcarpathia for the first time in 1989. He joined the Franciscan order, afterwards he studied at the convent in Sehegi from 1998 to 2005. He took the name of the Roman martyr St. Tarsytsiy (Tarsicius) in 2005.
Back in 2001, he became captivated by drawing and especially the iconography. Russian theologian and philologist who teaches at the institute of Sehedyn and the author of the research named ‘Icon in the literature’ had a great influence on him.
Tarsytsiy Varga is the founder of the creative icon-painting school in Hungary. He came back to the Transcarpathia where he continued his work in 2008. Icon exhibition will have working until April 19, 2012. Free admission.

Photo by Alexandr Voroshylov


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