“I want to help!”: 500 km in 10 days (PHOTOS)

Flashmob of kindness "I want to help" starts in Uzhgorod. During the event, known Uzhgorod runner Dmytro Dzhmil will visit 10 Transcarpathian boarding schools and orphanages, running approximately 500 km in 10 days. 

 "We will try to visit 10 children’s centers located in Transcarpathia. Those are Chertezh, Batevo, Beregovo, Vynogradiv, Ilnutsia, Imstychevo, Nyzhniy Bystry, Svalyava, Chynadiyevo and Perechyn.  From Perechyn back in Uzhgorod. I will be making approximately 50 km a day", – Dmytro Dzhmil says. 

The purpose is to draw public attention to the problems of orphans in Transcarpathia. The charity "I believe in you" contributed to the organization of the race.  

The organizers stress that the event is apolitical and aimed to help children deprived of attention and prove to them that everyone can succeed in life. 

The start of the event is planned for October 18 at 12.00, from the Puppet Theatre on Teatralna square. Before the race, the "Blitz" will give a mini-concert and Dmytro will start (approximately) at 14.00.

The race will be shot on video (Valentin Kuzan helps) and after that a short film about these institutions and children who need help will be made. 

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