“I believe, I wait, I pray.” A documentary film about missing and captured soldiers will be screened in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo (Announcement)

The presentation of the new documentary film by Kateryna Strelchenko will be held in Mukachevo Drama Theater in Mukachevo, on November 19, at 19.00.

In Uzhgorod, the documentary will be screened on November 20 in the "Ilko" gallery, the beginning is at 18.00.

The documentary, "I Believe, I Wait, I Pray" raises two important issues that are the consequences of the war in eastern Ukraine – missing and captured soldiers. These themes are interconnected, and at the same time they have many different aspects.

The film tells several stories – about former prisoners and about families of the soldiers who still do not know about the fate of their father, son or brother. Men and women told about their experience of being captured by the Russian invaders. Some were tortured and chained, others were subjected to psychological violence.

The second important aspect is the search for missing soldiers in the Donbass. This topic is commented by representatives of forensic medicine, search organizations, the Red Cross, psychologists, and volunteers. The focus is on families that have been trying to find their relatives for several years.

In Mukachevo, the organizer of the event is the city council, in Uzhgorod – the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers.

Do not ignore this heavy but topical film: in order to know and understand.

вірю Мукачево
вірю Ужгород

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