“Hutsul capital” will be presented in Uzhgorod

"Hutsul capital" is the name of a newly formed Transcarpathian regional NGO. According to its organizers, a distinguishing feature of their incorporation is, above all, that they "have been organized to work and not just to be."

The main objective of the organization is to promote, revive and preserve the Hutsul customs, culture, traditions, language development, to promote tourism in Hutsul, Rakhiv district and in Transcarpathia in general.

During the presentation, the members of the organization will show the audience their flag and the trembitar Mykhailo Kurelyak will play trembita.

The participants of the press conference:

Eduard Zelinsky – the head of the newly formed organization;

Yuri Sas – the chairman of the Executive Committee

Mykhailo Kurelyak – the member of the organization, the chairman of the audit committee

The press conference will be held:

Tuesday, December 4 at 11:00

at: Uzhgorod, Drugetiv str., 60

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