“Hutsul capital” is waiting for those who care

Today, December 4, in Uzhgorod the NGO "Hutsul capital" was presented. The presentation of the organization became its name: the members of the organization were dressed in Hutsul costumes, brought carved wooden products, hatchets, ceramics and more.As the organizers explained, they want to revive the colorful Hutsul land, therefore they were dressed in traditional clothing, to show how nice it can be. Also during the presentation, the organization members showed the audience their flag, which depicts a Hutsul with trembita, Strukiv Church and the sun, which rises from behind Hoverla. And at the very end of the event Mykhailo Kurelyak played on trembita several ancient melodies. 

According to organizers of the association, the distinguishing feature of their organization is, above all, that they "were organized to work and not just to be." The chairman of the newly formed organization, the head of Yasinya town Eduard Zelinsky said that our neighbors from Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions have been long and consistently caring about the preservation and promotion of their own Hutsul heritage, in Transcarpathia for some reason, this process is more inert. That’s why they want "Hutsul capital" to contribute to the development, revival and preservation of local customs, culture, traditions, language development, promote tourism in Hutsul, Rakhiv district and Transcarpathia in general. Thus today they are working on compiling a vocabulary of the Hutsul dialect.     

Also the organization wants to create a common information base, where all the craftsmen and groups working on the Hutsul subjects will be included. And one of the first tasks for the next year is the publication of the annual magazine-calendar, which will contain information on the history, traditions, tourism potential Rakhiv Hutsul region, etc. In addition, they plan to conduct workshops on various crafts: knitting, weaving, coopering. 

Today the organization has about 50 members, but it was incorporated just recently – in September this year. According to Eduard Zelinsky, anyone can become a member of the organization, they would be happy to accept anyone who is concerned about Hutsul heritage.

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