Hungary will continue to defend the rights of ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia

"Hungary has repeatedly provided assisstance to Ukraine and therefore expects that Ukraine, in turn, will refrain from actions that affect the rights of the Hungarian minority living there," – the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said during a joint press conference of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine in Kyiv on April 11, the informs.

"Hungary has allocated billions of forints to help Ukraine and Transcarpathia in economic development. However, Hungary has serious expectations regarding the suspension of all initiatives of Ukraine, which limit the rights of the Hungarian minority" – Peter Szijjártó said. Hungary was one of the first to offer a credit line for the development of the infrastructure in Transcarpathia in total amount $ 50 million. 

Recently, Hungary began supplying gas to Ukraine. The mission of Hungary is one of the largest contingent of OSCE observers in Ukraine. During the press conference, Peter Szijjártó said that dual citizenship in Europe is quite normal and therefore he considers punishment of Hungarians living in Ukraine for dual citizenship unacceptable. Finally Peter Szijjártó urged to respect the rights of minorities, and expressed hope that the countries would enter bilateral agreements that do not harm the Hungarians living in Ukraine.

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