Hungarians in Romania want the regional language recognition

The Secretary General of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania Peter Kovacs stated at a news conference that the Hungarian language could acquire the official status in densely populated regions: counties Bihor, Satu Mare, or Salazh, where Hungarians make 60-80% of the population.
‘We have gradually reached from zero in 1989 to 64 language rights, and we do not want to stop. The long-term goal is recognition of the Hungarian language as an official one at the regional level. Changes in the status of the Hungarian language will be implemented through amendments to the Constitution and, therefore, we rely on the votes of 44 percent of Romanian politicians and local community support of the Romanians’, said Peter Kovach.

The press conference was held in the city of Cluzh-Napoca and touched the presentation of the book on the language rights of Hungarians in Romania.
Three thousand copies of the book were published by the Institute of the minorities’ problems studies and they will start spreading beginning from April 25, in seven counties of Transylvania, where Hungarians live.

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