Hungarians expect Ukraine elections to implement the law on language

Hungarians living in Ukraine, hope that by the next presidential elections the law on languages ​​will be realized in full. If the Party of Regions will retain a leading position in the parliament after the parliamentary elections, the process of its implementation will move normally – according to opinion of Democratic Union of Hungarians in Ukraine.

Democratic Union of Hungarians of Ukraine welcomed the law on languages ​​and hopes that by the presidential elections it will be implemented in full, as this issue is a major in Viktor Yanukovych’s program. This was stated by the head of the union Istvan Gajdos.

"The law on languages ​​is not only declarative, it also specifically implements norms which stipulate the realization of linguistic rights of national minorities, which Hungarians also belong to. The new law, in particular, clearly states that if the number of people – regional language speakers living in the area where this language is common – makes over 10% of the number of its population, each language defined by the law is applied with the measures aimed to the use of regional or minority languages. Therefore, in Transcarpathia and in several districts and cities of regional subordination, etc. of our region our native language takes the status of a regional. This implies bilingual certificates on education, ballots, paperwork and more," – said Gajdos.

Gajdos said that in Transcarpathia the provisions of the law will be implemented, however, this process requires time and financial support.


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