Hungarians are ready to cooperate to complete the M-3 highway and open new checkpoints in Transcarpathia

In an interview with the Interfax-Ukraine, Hungarian Ambassador to Ukraine Istvan Igyarto stated the need to increase the number of checkpoints on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border, as well as to create a continuous highway between Kyiv and Budapest.
"If we want to maintain normal traffic between the countries, we need checkpoints at the border. If we close them and there is only one left, there will be problems. It is important to provide our citizens with as many infrastructure facilities as possible. It seems that even the two existing large checkpoints and several smaller ones are not enough," – Igyarto told Interfax-Ukraine.
The ambassador stressed that it is impossible to talk about normal economic and tourist conditions between the two countries if they do not have the necessary infrastructure. Igyarto also noted that the goal should be to open as many checkpoints as possible on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border.
According to him, it is also necessary to create a continuous highway between Kyiv and Budapest. "Of course, if you have great checkpoints, but horrible roads that lead to them, all this activity is in vain. We need to talk about additional infrastructure, a system of roads. And we need to talk about the highway that runs between Kyiv and Budapest. The Hungarian party has already done it. There is also progress on the Ukrainian side. In general, it would be ideal if we had an almost uninterrupted normal highway between the countries and the adjacent border infrastructure," – the diplomat explained.
The Hungarian ambassador said that the meeting of the cross-border commission on border infrastructure development would take place "as soon as possible".

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