Hungarian police will not be checking medical certificates of Ukrainian drivers

Hungarian police will not be checking health certificates of the drivers from Ukraine – it was agreed by the two states, – the representative of the Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhgorod assured.


The press conference was held at the crossing point Chop-Zahony on the Hungarian side and was devoted to the reconstruction of the crossing point and the related limitation of traffic. The Deputy Director of the National Tax and Customs Service of Hungary Peter Mezo, Consul General of Hungary in Uzhgorod Jozsef Bachkai, Consul Consulate of Hungary in Beregovo Petronella Nod talked to journalists of Ukraine and Hungary.

According to the consulate representative, drivers need to have a registration certificate and driving license, the Hungarian police in the case of check may have claims against the driver’s license of the Soviet model, because the state of the USSR no longer exists. Therefore, Ukrainian drivers who have such old licenses should change them before going to Hungary. By the way, even on the territory of Ukraine such licenses are valid only by the end of 2013.

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