Hungarian Eurovision participants compete for votes, but modestly…

The Hungarian band Compact Disco travels throughout Europe in search of support for votes at Eurovision-2012. At today’s press conference, held at the Transcarpathian State Broadcasting Company, the band members did not hide that their arrival in Transcarpathian region is explained by the desire to promote their collective and the hope that they will be chosen during the vote for the best European hit of this year.
‘We suggest that you familiarize yourself with our songs and, perhaps, you will choose us, voting for the best song of Eurovision 2012, said a front man of the band Tchobo Valko during a press conference. Our presence here cannot be the only argument in the battle for your votes.’
The vocalist believes that socially important meaning of their songs, which calls for unity, empathy and compassion, regardless of an address and nationality, will bring a certain resonance. ‘Our repertoire is somewhat out of the general format of the contest. But we believe that we can reach out to the hearts of the audience. The Hungarians could vote for the Ukrainian singer, you – for the Hungarian band, thus side by side, we can achieve results’, said the singer.
Uzhgorod became the last destination of the promotional tour of the Hungarian collective in Europe. They consider it to be successful because according to the results of the voyage, 13 countries have begun to promote the creativity of the group, and their performance in Amsterdam, as the drummer Attila Shandor said, has become particularly successful.



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