Hungarian customs officers detained on suspicion of corruption face 20 years in prison

On Tuesday, May 29, the Hungarian checkpoint "Roske" on the border with Serbia was closed for several hours. According to the Hungarian media, during that time, customs officials suspected of corruption were being detained there.

At the moment, it is known about the arrests of 33 financial officers, who were immediately sent to the Department of the Prosecutor’s Office in Szeged, where they are being held in custody. The interrogations lasted until late in the evening.

Currently, the court has already imposed pre-trial restraint on 15 detainees – further detention until the conclusion of the investigation. They face up to 20 years imprisonment if their involvement in corruption is proven.

The media report that the Hungarian Prosecutor General’s Office still has not commented on the situation. But they assume that the large-scale operation was planned in advance.


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