Hungarian bread

Charity event "Hungarian Bread" was launched in 2010 by a law professor from Pécs (Hungary). It involves charity collection of this year’s grain harvest for the needs of the poor population of the Carpathian lowland. Its idea is that volunteers – farmers, agricultural businesses, other structures of the Carpathian lowland – send to a certain place a certain amount of grain which is used to make flour to bake free bread, which is donated to low-income families on the eve of the national holiday of Hungary – the St. Istvan Day, August 20.

Last year, for example, 20 tons of bread was sent to orphans from the Velyka Dobron orphanage, the Holos Karpat wrote.

"The bread baked with charity flour – the head of the fund "Pro agrikultura Karpatika" Laszlo Orgidi says is a symbol of unity of Hungarians, their solidarity. 368 members, mostly from among Hungarian farmers, regularly take part in the campaign. Religious communities also actively support us in this."

This year, anyone who wants to join the "Hungarian bBread" program can deliver their donations to the nearest non-government educational institutions, from where they will transported to intended destinations. The celebrations on the occasion of grain delivery to Hungary will take place on August 16 in V.Dobron, in the orphanage "Good Samaritan".

All participants of the campaign, its organizers are invited to the festival.

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