Hryvnia. Astrological forecast

Reporters asked the astrologers, who will be the next prime minister, what the exchange rate of the national currency will be, and how oligarchs will survive the next year

The last week before the New Year is traditionally the time of summing up the year, and preparations for the holiday. The adoption of the new government was a kind of "New Year’s gift" from the president.   The "Kommentarii" asked Ukrainian astrologers to tell what difficulties the new Cabinet is going to face in the next year and what the economical situation will be as a whole.

Crisis by 2020
Interestingly, almost all astrologers in their forecasts were in solidarity with the head of the Cabinet Mykola Azarov, who in one of his last appearances was forced to admit that "the crisis in the global economy continues to deepen," and Ukraine will have to go through a very difficult year. Some of the interviewed experts in astrology refused to publish their analysis of the future due to reluctance to give too negative outlook for Ukraine for the next two years. At the same time they noted that Ukraine will have to face major problems under any government.
As the chairman of Kharkiv league of astrologers Larysa Hres predicted, during the next year the country will be shaken by the economic unrest and political conflicts, and the most intense periods are expected in May, the first half of June, July and October-November. In terms of astrology, only in 2016-2017 Ukraine will come to renewal and transformation, both political and economic. The period of the final overcome of the crisis in Ukraine is likely to be 2019-2020.
Prime Minister Arbuzov
The astrology confirms the probability that the current First Deputy Prime Minister Serhiy Arbuzov by the summer may become the Prime Minister. The stars promise that 2013 may be a difficult year for Mykola Azarov, and the most difficult period for him will be between March and June – this period can mark the beginning of the end of his political career.  
It is likely that during 2013 – early 2014 they will repeatedly raise a question about the efficiency of the current President as well as about new appointments in the government.
Also, it can be assumed that 2013 will also be tough for the MIA management and the newly appointed head of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies. Head of the Kyiv regional organization of the Astrologists Union of Ukraine Olena Osipenko notes that next year Uranus continues to pass through the sign of Aries, which can cause revolutionary sentiments in the society, and a high concentration of unforeseen natural disasters. Peaks of political crisis, natural disaster, adoption of some unpopular innovations in the legislation are most likely, according to her prognosis, in the second half of March, the second half of July and in the last three weeks of December.
Ukraine in the Customs Union
Based on the forecast by Larysa Hres, the new management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also have hard work. Maybe next year some of the countries will withdraw from the EU, and the U.S. economic growth will slow down significantly. At the same time in Russia "strong economic and scientific-technical recovery" can be expected. Therefore, there is a high probability that Ukraine will join the Customs Union.
The National Bank will continue tough policy on the forex market
According to Hres, in 2013 there will be the beginning of the crisis of the banking system, but it concerns not only banks with Ukrainian capital – the problem will be felt globally. At the same time, the rate of Ukrainian national currency, though being subjected to fluctuations, will not become critical, and one U.S. dollar will likely cost no more than nine hryvnias.  This astrologer’s forecast seems very likely, given the tough regulatory policy pursued by the head of the National Bank Serhiy Arbuzov, who in the new government received the control over all financial system.
Which sectors will suffer from the crisis more than others
The most difficult the next year, according to the stars, will be for metallurgical and energy industries. Perhaps this could complicate the performance of the newly established Ministry of Taxes and Fees, and some other ministries. Given that market analysts are also extremely stingy on optimistic forecasts of growth in this economies, such promises seem very threatening for Ukraine. Indeed, according to astrologers, the tendency to decline in these industries will continue for the next two years.
According to the forecast, during the next year there will be no growth in agricultural production.
The outlook on the real estate market in Ukraine is not optimistic either.  Activation of the real estate market should not be expected until 2016. In the next year the demand for real estate will remain low and prices may tend to decrease twice a year – in March and April and July 2013.
Kolomoisky and Akhmetov will go to politics
2013 will also be difficult for the representatives of Ukrainian big business. Saturn in Libra indicates years of concentration of capital and its redistribution.So chances are that for some big businessmen the year 2013 can be very complicated, and will be the year of struggle and survival, not only for small and medium businesses, but also for the large business.
Astrologers, though anonymously, state that during the year two names – Kolomoisky and Akhmetov – will be most talked about. "While the former will be talked about because of some scandal, the latter – in connection with falling revenue." It is possible that because of this, according to stargazers, already by 2014, these people will go to the political arena.


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