How will Uzhgorod residents celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays? (PROGRAM OF EVENTS)

December 11-27

16.00 Exhibition of art works by the students of the Department of Fine Arts of Uzhgorod Children’s Art School "Christmas Patterns"
(Center for the Cultures of National Minorities, Pravoslavna embankment, 20)

December 15-17

12.00 The first Transcarpathian gingerbread festival, the gingerbread house exhibition, the gingerbread fair, competitions for children, various master classes, fire show
Cultural and Historical Center "Owl’s Nest" (Rakoczy st., 2).

Charitable campaign from the NGO Cimborak Ungvar: a concert with the participation of the bands "Trystavisim", "Chalamada", children’s games and contests, street food and sweets 
 (Nezalezhnist emb., 6)

December 16

17.00 Charitable Concert from the PADIYUN "Modern dance studio Blitz"

December 17 

11.00 Charity race "Run to help!" from the Uzhhorod Running Club
(Teatralna Sq.)

December 19

13.00 – Ceremonial inflammation of the city Christmas tree lights;

– performance "On St. Nicholas Day!"

– festive march of Mikolaychiks;

– flash mob
(Teatralna Sq.)

17.00 Performance from the fire theater "Fire Life"
(Teatralna Sq.)

18.00 Christmas concert of students of Uzhgorod Children’s Music School №1 "Letter to St. Nicholas" 
art center ILKO Gallery (Koshitska str., 28)

December 21

17.00 Great Christmas concert and exhibition of works by students of Uzhgorod Children’s Arts School
(large hall and gallery of Uzhgorod Children’s Arts School, S.Petofi sq., 20-22).

18.30 Concert of the Symphony Orchestra " New Year Express"
Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic

December 22, 2017 – January 10, 2018
New Year and Christmas Fair
Nezalezhnist emb., 6

December 22
18.30 Christmas concert of pupils of Uzhgorod Children’s Music School №1 in the Holy Cross Greek Catholic Cathedral
A. Bachinsky sq., 2

December 23

14.00 New Year’s Eve matinee with the participation of fairy-tale characters and the performance "Mowgli’ for children who need special social attention and support 
Transcarpathian Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre

December 26

10.00 Fencing "Cup of Santa Claus"
(hall of the "Dynamo" Sports Society, Shvabska st., 7)

14.00 Master class on making of Christmas tree decorations
City Library for children, B.Khmelnytsky sq., 3

December 27

11.00 Intercity track and field athletics competition 
(Sports Complex "Yunist", Zankovetska st., 5)

18.30 Christmas concert of the chamber instrumental ensemble "Hungarian Melodies" and Katerina Hazho (organ)
Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic

December 27, 2017 – January 15, 2018

Exhibition of the member of the Ukrainian Designers Union Oksana Libak "Origami in Ukraine. Christmas fantasies"
(Transcarpathian Museum of Architecture and Rural Life)

December 30

14.00 New Year performance "Kingdom of New Year’s dreams" for children of military and internally displaced persons 
(Transcarpathian Academic Regional Puppet Theater "Bavka")

January 3, 2018

13.00 New Year performance "Kingdom of New Year’s dreams" for children who need special social attention and support 
(Transcarpathian Academic Regional Puppet Theater "Bavka")

January 9
13.00 "Christ is Born!"  Nativity play.
(Teatralna Sq.)

January 11 – 14
Gastronomy and caroling festival "Vasyllya"
(Teatralna sq. – Nezalezhnist emb.)

By the press service of Uzhgorod city council

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