How veterans celebrated the New Year (PHOTOS)

The city center of the Ukrainian Women’s Society named after Olena Teliha is well known among the townspeople. First of all, for all the social, charity events and good deeds.  Established in 1995 in Vynogradiv by journalist, former editor of the newspaper "Novyny Vynogradivshchyny" Malvina Savynets, who is now a deputy of the city council and the deputy head of the district organization of the Veterans of Ukraine, the society became a center of communication among senior citizens and their friends.

The center of the Ukrainian Women’s Society named after Olena Teliha united in its ranks hundreds of active retirees¸ and not only women, but also those intellectuals who once worked in important areas of work, and after retirement were left out of the circle of colleagues. They joined together in the organization that is constantly in the midst of political and economic life of the district. They participate in every cultural event both on the city and the district level. 

On holidays gray-haired veterans never remain unnoticed. For example, members of the society held a loud celebration of the Old New Year (the oldest member is 89 years old!). They began with a prayer, then sang carols and folk songs, congratilated those born in January, and finally Santa Claus even held a winning lottery.


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