How Uzhgorod children’s railway will work: preparation and plans (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Recently, the press service of the regional state administration announced an interesting event – tomorrow, on the first day of May, Uzhgorod children’s railway will open its season. 

The inauguration is preceded by the preparations. They are checking the track, correcting the deficiencies, painting parts. We visited the railway to see how it is being prepared for opening.

Indeed, the work was in full swing, and just a few steps are left to the final commissioning of the station, the track and the train. We decided to find out the details of future functioning of the railway from the director of the Children’s Railway.

– Do you really have time to bring it into operation by May 1?

– Yes, all works are going according to plan. We have checked the track, the locomotive made a test trip. The safety of passengers is the most important thing. And it will be ensured. In addition, the classrooms at the station are completely ready…

– So the children’s railroad club has been restored, it operates?

– Yes, since February. But, in the winter, they studied in the administration building of Lviv railway, because it was cold.

– Have children already learnt to operate the train?

– No, they have only had theoretical studies.  Already on September 1, the thorough studies will start. 

– And how many children have enrolled? 

– Oh… (laughs). At first, we enrolled 60 children, it was a real hype. Now there are less, just 35 children.

– Speaking of staff. Earlier, it was stated that railway veterans would work here…

Yes, they do help. See for yourself – checking cars, controlling everything. We are very grateful, and they are happy, because railway is their life.

– Who is financing operation of the railway?

– So far, only Lviv railway. Uzhgorod authorities also promised to contribute and co-finance. We’ll see…

– What will be schedule of the train in the summer?

– On weekends and holidays. On weekdays, there will be not enough passengers.

– Free of charge, like last year?

– On the first of May – yes, free. After that, we will have to charge. Children under 6 years old will ride free of charge, tickets for older children will cost 10 hryvnia, and for adults – 20. The trip will be to the Pidzamkovy park and back.

Well, we do not have to wait long now. The first official trip is tomorrow. On May 1, at 11.00, the train will make the first official trip of 2017.  


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