How Uzhgorod children celebrated with patrol policemen (PHOTOS)

Today on Narodna Square in Uzhgorod, it was loud, because a lot of parents with children gathered there to celebrate Christmas with cops, the Patrol police of Transcarpathian region informs.

Many children wanted to take a ride in a police car, shout into the loudspeaker and turn on the siren.

At that time, parents had the opportunity to wear glasses simulating the state of alcohol intoxication to understand that you can not drive a car in this state!

We also told what a patrol policeman needs to have every day on the job and how to use it. Those are breast cameras, radios, tablets, TruCam speed meter, Drager for determining the state of alcohol intoxication, special equipment, and the like.

Some of the kids even sang carols with patrol policemen and received sweets for beautiful and sincere carols.


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