How Transcarpathians have voted

The first results of exit polls have been just announced live on "M-Studio" by the Director of Carpathian Polling Research Center Fedir Shandor. "Just as we had predicted, under 55% of Transcarpathians came to the polls. The largest attendance was at the 79th, 68th and 70th constituencies. The smallest was at the 72nd constituency", – he said.

Therefore, according to the results, the leading political force in the region is the association "United Opposition "Batkivshchyna" with the result of 32.5%. They are followed by the "UDAR" – 26%, "Party of Regions" (24.9%) are the third. The biggest surprise is the result of the "Svoboda" – 9.8% of voters voted for them.

As for majoritarian candidates, in the constituency 69 the leader with a significant margin is Victor Baloha (44.7%). In the 73rd – Ivan Baloha (31.2%), in the 71st – Pavlo Baloha (33.5%), in the 70th – Oleksandr Kemenyash (33%), in the 68th – Pavl Chuchka (23.5%), and in the 72nd – Vasyl Petyovka (32%). "These exit polls are not absolute figures, they may change," – said F.Shandor.

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