How Transcarpathian Right Sector was called up to the army

Today, there were special recruits in Transcarpathian Regional Military Commissariat – representatives of the Right Sector of Transcarpathia led by the head of the organization in the region Oleksandr Sachko came for their calls.

According to the regional military commissar, Ivan Vasyltsyun, they phoned Oleksandr and asked him when and where it would be convenient for him to receive the call, to which he replied that he would come to the military commissariat himself. Thus, the group of the Right Sector, without waiting for military representatives, came to pick up their calls themselves.

Ivan Vasyltsyun, Transcarpathian Military Commissioner explained that, unlike the rumors about "taking from home", it is a normal practice, when they have the phone number of a recruit, to phone him to find out how to deliver a call. "Of course, nobody takes anybody from the street. I also stress that we have no "whites" and "blacks" – we hand calls to all who must receive them, including representatives of the the authorities, deputies – all those who are subject to the third wave of mobilization. In general, the process is as follows: calls are handed with the participation of representatives of local government, police and military office. But first, we try to phone, and here is a living example – Oleksandr Sachko: he said that he would come himself, and here he picks up the call."

The head of the Right Sector in Transcarpathia Oleksandr Sachko said that calls have been issued to more than ten members, however most of them are now in the ATO area, others have come to the military commissariat.

When asked what to do with the men who are on the front in volunteer battalions while being subject to draft, the commissioner replied: "No one is calling them back from volunteer battalions. A person is not at home – it is a confirmed fact. The only thing is that after the men return, we will help them execute documents of combatants."  

According to Oleksandr Slyusarenko, the military commissar of the Joint Military Commissariat of the city of Uzhgorod and Uzhgorod district, about 40% of men who come to the military commissariat, do it on their own accord – they come without calls, and ask, whether they would be called up. The commissar also said that now they are mobilizing men primarily to border troops.

As for today’s recruits, namely representatives of the Right Sector, who themselves came to pick up the calls, it turned out that they can not be mobilized – they have not passed a medical examination (obviously because of injuries received at the front). Oleksandr Sachko jokingly commented on the situation: "Yes, we are now in the most terrible place in the region – the military commissariat. We have received calls. The medical board says that we are unfit to serve in our armed forces. So, we are going to continue to serve in the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps. We have no medical boards…".


The group of Transcarpathians Right Sector is now fighting as part of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps in the East, and the group to replace the combatants has been formed and begun training. At the same time, enrollment to ranks of the Corps – volunteers willing to undergo training and go to the front – continues.

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