How Transcarpathia will phase out the quarantine (STAGES)

As of today, May 11, quarantine restrictions are being relaxed in Ukraine!

But! It is still necessary to adhere to social distance, wear protective masks in public places, use disinfection!

What is allowed:

+ Parks, recreation areas

+ Outdoor sports and children’s playgrounds

+ Beauty salons and hairdressers

+ Dentist services

+ Trade in non-food products in stores, etc.

What is forbidden:

x Mass events

x Moving in groups of more than 2 people

x Being in public without a protective mask

x Being outdoor without identity documents

x Cinemas, theaters

x Suburban, long-distance, interregional transport services

x Regular air and rail services, etc.

➡ Quarantine in Ukraine will be lifted in stages.

➡ In particular, at the first stage it is planned to open parks, beach areas, certain beauty industry facilities and coffee shops with takeaway service.

➡ At the second stage, catering establishments with takeaway services, hotels will be allowed to work, education process in the graduating grades of schools and training for external tests will resume.

➡ The third stage involves opening of sports and children’s playgrounds, shopping malls (without entertainment and children’s areas), cinemas and theaters.

➡ At the fourth stage, metro and all land public transport, restaurants, entertainment establishments, cultural and educational institutions will be allowed to work.

➡ At the fifth stage, all restrictions will be lifted completely.


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