How to protect your bank card from thieves

Increasing use of bank cards is accompanied by an increasing number of of various tricks aimed at stealing money from the account. Experts gave a number of recommendations on how to protect yourselves from possible theft.

First of all, the bankers advise to treat the credit card the same way as your own money and keep it safe: do not leave it unattended, do not give the card itself to others, including your family members. But if the theft did occur, you should immediately contact the customer support and block the card.

Whenever approaching the terminal, inspect it for suspicious objects that stand out of the overall structure of the device. Even having made sure that the device is safe, always cover numbers from prying eyes while entering the PIN.

As for the payment for goods and services, the payment with the card in any case should be done cautiously, with scrutinizing of the purchase price and the amount to be withdrawn. This issue is of particular relevance in Internet stores – to shop on questionable sites is expose to yourselves to the risk of being left without goods and without money.

It is useful to connect the card to the mobile bank service, which for a nominal monthly fee sends on the cardholder’s mobile phone the information on all transactions on the card.

Today, most banks customers also have the option to insure their credit card against possible loss or theft of funds.


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