How to overcome winter depression?

Although, before the New Year most people look forward to the winter, after the holidays, this joy is declining. The closer it is to the end of winter, the more long dark nights and cold can affect our mood, which already lacks warmth and bright colors in the surrounding world. Actually, it is not that difficult to overcome winter depression. Here are some universal tips that will be useful for you.

Maintain physical activity. Strongly resist the urge to spend all your free time on the couch. Try to exercise every morning, for at least 5-10 minutes. This would not only cheer you up, but give you a dose of vigor for the whole day.

Do not allow yourself to fall into hibernation. This seems quite natural – to sleep while its dark outside, but this overly long sleep will not bring the desired vigor. Try to regularly get up and go to bed at the same time, even if it is a day off.

Use the daylight hours to walk. Fresh air and daylight will sure help you overcome depression. The benefits of daily walks is undeniable.   As a result, you’ll feel better.

Adequate nutrition. Do not overeat (and that is exactly what we do during New Year and Christmas holidays), do not abuse oily and fried food. Healthy nutrition helps you feel ease, positively affects the brain, adds vigor. Try to drink several glasses of pure water per day. Winter is not the time for weight gain.

Have fun. Waking up in the morning, think of what you can do to have fun today. You might want to go to the movies or to the exhibition, read an interesting book or draw something, go skiing or skating, dancing or go with friends in a cafe. In any case, do not sit idle – it is the worst thing you can do on long winter weekdays.

Get together. Spend your time with friends and family. They woukd be happy to listen to you and help with advice. In addition, supporting others, you will also feel pleasure and elation, and improve relationships with those you care about.

Fill your life with bright colors. Get rid of the dark shades in clothing and interior. Even simple bright scarf or gloves can significantly improve your mood. At home you will enjoy fresh flowers, decorative candles, colorful furnishings and so on.

If possible, allow yourself a little vacation. You can spend it in the countryside, or whereever the climate is warmer than in your area. Using these tips, you will notice that in winter you have no less reason to rejoice than in other seasons.


Source: Inspired, by Serhiy Pishkovtsiy  

Photo – Serhiy Denisenko, during the festival "Uzhgorod palachinta – 2012"

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