How the Day of Uzhgorod will be celebrated this year (event list)

The Deputy Mayor Yaroslav Shafar announced the activities planned for the celebration of the Day of Uzhgorod this year. 


Art, culture and sports activities for the Day of the City.
 September 25
 Summarizing the competition of creative works "If you want to change the world for the better."
 Secondary schools.

 September 25-26
 10:00. XIII International Tourist Exhibition Fair "Toureurocenter Transcarpathia 2014" (presentation of rural tourism in Transcarpathia, project of the tourism brand of Transcarpathian region, workshop in national dishes cooking and souvenirs making, tasting of Transcarpathian wines and noney products etc.).
 Transcarpathian Regional State Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre, Tolstoy st., 12.

 September 26-28
 10:00. The final of the Sambo Cup of Ukraine among men and women (combat and sports). The opening is on September 26 at 12:00.
 Sports Complex "Yunist".
 Women Handball Tournament "Cup of Carpathians"
 The beginning is on 26.09.14 at 15:00
 Sports Complex "Yunist".
 Open tennis tournament of Transcarpathian region in memory of J. Haher
 The beginning is on 26.09.14 at 18:00, 27-28.09.14 at 08:00
 TC "Yunist", TC "Avangard", TC "Tisa".

 September 26
 10:30. Drawing on the asphalt, soap bubbles show.
   Nezalezhist embankment.
 13:00. The Hour of Interesting Messages "Buildings of the city covered with legends."
 Library branch number 6, Gagarin str., 98.
 14:00. Historical tour "History of the city carved in stone."
 Library branch number 2, 8 Bereznya str., 19.
 14.00. Kaleidoscope of neighboring countries and plein air "My City".
  Nezalezhist embankment.
 14:30. Entertaining and informative holiday "How can I not love you…".
 Central Children’s Library,  B.Khmelnytsky Sq., 3.
 17:00. Opening of the exhibition of art works by students and teachers of the children’s art school "My hometown."
 School Gallery, S. Petofi Sq., 20-22.
 17:30. Concert of students and teachers of the children’s art school "Happy birthday, hometown." 
 School Hall, S. Petofi Sq., 20-22.

 September 27
 10:00. Mini-football competition.
  Rudansky st., 5.
 10:00. Junior Weightlifting Competition.
 "Bohatyr" Hall, Odeska str., 12.
 10:00. Environmental event "Bring waste paper – save lives."
  Teatralna Sq.
 11:00. The grand city Assembly. Presentation of Honorary awards and Honorary diplomas of Uzhgorod City Council.
 Great Hall of the City Council, Poshtova sq., 3.
 11:00. Open plein airs of students and teachers of the children’s art school.
 Rock garden, Teatralna sq., S.Petofi sq.
 13:00. Historical hour "Walking in ancient Uzhgorod."
 Central Library,  Voloshin str., 20
 13:00. "Melodies of the old street." The performance of students of children’s music school № 1. 
  Voloshin st., 11.
 16:00. Gastronomic and entertainment festival "Fruit Day".
  Fentsyk sq.

 September 27-28
 10:00. Holiday Fair.
  Nezalezhist embankment.
 11:00. Charity auction "Remember the city" and presentation of the largest cake in Uzhgorod with the emblem of the city of Uzhgorod.
  Teatralna Sq.

 September 28
 09:00. Sports Festival "Cup of the Avenue."
  Svoboda Ave., 20.
 10:00. Holiday liturgy in the Horyany rotunda.
 Horyany neighborhood.
 10:00. Multi-sport Championship of theYouth Sports School number 1.
  "Avangurd" stadium. 
 17:00. Organ music concert of Tetyana Tishchenko at the VI International Youth Festival of Organ Music.
 Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic.

 October 1
 18:00. Closing concert of the VI International Youth Festival of Organ Music.
 Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic.

 October 3-4
 Regional Agricultural Fair "Golden Autumn – 2014".
  Fedynets street.

 October 3-5 
 10:00. International judo tournament "Cup of Transcarpathia" among boys born in 1998-2000
 Transcarpathian Regional Palace of Children and Youth Creativity "Padiyun."

 October 5
 17:00. "Great birthday party." Bicycle ride on the occasion of the Day of the City, the 15th anniversary of the medical and social rehabilitation center "Way of Life", the 5th anniversary of the "Night Ride".
  Narodna sq.

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