How many years can one “get” for smuggling illegal immigrants into the EU?

Illegal migration over the last few decades has become an integral feature of the EU development, despite laws prohibiting illegal residence and employment of foreigners. Although the problem of illegal immigration is inherent in the whole of Ukraine, it remains a top priority for Transcarpathia. Hundreds of illegal immigrants are detained every year on the western borders of Ukraine. Most illegals come from Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, and other countries with dangerous political situation, as well as Georgia and Moldova.

With the onset of winter, it becomes much more difficult for illegal immigrants to illegally get to the European Union through the Carpathians: daylight hours become shorter, cooler temperatures, rain, snow and strong winds make it impossible to hide for a long time on the ground and can cause frostbite and even death . Border guards saved the lives of many illegal immigrants, but there were times when, unfortunately, they were not able to help them. The last such case was death of one illegal immigrant from Sri Lanka caused by hypothermia. A few years earlier, the traffickers forsake a Chechen woman and her three children while smuggling them to Slovakia. Then, only mother survived. A few months later, a native of Palestine died in the mountains.

"I want to thank our fellow residents of border towns for the concern and support in combating illegal migration. And those, who choose to enrich themselves at the expense of migrants seeking a better life, remember: "Leaving at risk" and "Trafficking of persons across the state border of Ukraine" are crime for the commission of which you can "get" up to 8 and 9 years of imprisonment respectively!"- border guards inform.  

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