How known Uzhgorod will celebrate the New Year

The most anticipated holiday of the year is approaching and decided to ask where and how known inhabitants of our city will celebrate this event.

The head of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration Vasyl Hubal will celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Nyzhnye Selyshche, at home with his family. "I have been doing so since I became a family man and in our family it has become a tradition – to meet new the New Year  at home, in the circle of family. Everybody is at home on the New Year. As for the other traditions – a table with traditional Transcarpathian dishes and and presents for everyone" 


The Chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Volodymyr Chubirko as of the noon of December 31, was still to busy to finally decide where he would celebrate the New Year’s Eve. "We have several invitations, we will decide where to go celebrate in the evening. But definitely we will be all together – with four of our children, the whole "team." Our family New Year’s tradition is gifts, made by children who are waiting for Santa Claus, preparing for the meeting, learning poems, although some of them will be celebrating the New Year’s Eve for the first time."



MP Robert Horvath this year will have a modest celebration. "I am going to stay in Kyiv almost to the last day of the year, because I realize my personal responsibility for everything that happens in the country. I do not plan to celebrate loudly, it would be inappropriate while in the trenches, young men are suffering from cold and hunger fighting for our independence and freedom, giving their lives for our decent future. I always help but feel that I should do more, and this adds a flavor of war to New Year’s mood."



TV journalist and initiator of the volunteer movement in Uzhgorod Galina Yartseva will celebrate outside Transcarpathia. "I am sure that I will have a unique New Year’s Eve! For the first time in 10 years, I’ll be celebrating in Khmelnytsky, at my mother’s.  And there is a real winter with snowstorms and frost there. If we can, we’ll take from Uzhgorod a Carpathian Christmas tree and our homemade wine. I want the year 2014 to go into oblivion, although I will never forget it. This year was too hard even for such an optimist as I am. However, there is hope and we do not lose it."



The doctor and hand made master ​​Marina Fedchyk prefers traditional way of celebration: "I plan to celebrate the New Year’s at home with a Christmas tree and traditional Olivier. I have long abandoned noisy feasts on this holiday and big companies – we celebrate it in a close circle of family. We will have children and parents of my husband. This New Year’s Eve will be different from the previous one, because while previously we would simply make wishes at 12:00, this year, after wishing health for the family and friends, ther will be a sincere wish for peace. And that all those, who will celebrate it in the East, away from their loved ones, come home alive and as soon as possible."



The head of the Transcarpathian league of KVN Serhiy Denisenko will try to arrange a holiday for children. "We always celebrate the New Year’s Eve in the family. I always want to please the children who believe in fairy tales, in Santa Claus. We always think of some surprises for them. To see the children’s eyes glowing with happiness is the main point of the holiday for me."


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