How Kailo was lustrated on Narodna Square (PHOTO, VIDEO +)

Today the Right Sector brought Ivan Kailo – the first deputy prosecutor – to Narodna Square. 

The native of Khust district received this position recently and immediately caused a wave of negativity, as he is known as a corrupted official and the man who hampered the investigation of high-profile cases such as the case of Nahirny.

The community had a conversation with Kailo, they shouted two words to him: "Shame!" and "Resign!". But first he was handed the conclusion of the Lustration committee of Transcarpathia that he has no right to hold the office. The evidence of abuse by Kailo, including facts of bribery, was also voiced.

Ivan Kailo refused to write a statement for resignation, but finally he did write one. For leave

The controversial prosecutor does not want to quit voluntarily.

The prosecutor of the region Oleg Sydorchuk also attended the process of lustration. The new chief prosecutor was given materials about Kailo’s actions and the conclusion of the lustration committee.

Sydorchuk said that he would immediately appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office demanding to initiate checks on Kailo’s work, and to decide his fate. Because, he said, it is not in his jurisdiction to appoint or dismiss deputies.

However, the community was not satisfied. After much resistance, Kailo wrote a statement for leave, but they still would not let him go. They demanded to write a statement if not for resignation, then at least for the removal from office for the time of inspection. 

By the way, here is how Kailo left Narodna Square escorted by the Right Sector. 

As the spokeswoman for the regional prosecutor Victoria Popovich commented to, Oleg Sydorchuk fulfilled his promise. "The prosecutor of Transcarpathian region informed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on the situation surrounding the appointment of Kailo and the demand of the community regarding the investigation of the Prosecutor General’s Office into possible illegal actions of the latter and its removal from duty for the time of investigation" – the prosecutor’s office in Transcarpathian region reported and added that Ivan Kailo had been suspended from duty.

Here is the process of lustration of Ivan Kailo through the lens of Jozsef Kish.

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