How ‘honestly’ manipulate the results of polls, told sociologist Pavlo Bilak

‘Sociology as a science cannot guarantee us an unambiguous result. This should be understood. In addition, sociology gives a variety of ‘honest’ manipulations of the results in order to bring the desired result – told sociologist Pavlo Bilak at the press conference in the press center ‘Zakarpattia’, which was held on Monday, August 6. – This particularly the sample of people, when social services carry out a survey among the most suitable categories of people. However, most of studies will be made qualitatively and honestly but this does not exclude that they will be manipulated by the voters’ opinion.’

At the same time Pavlo Bilak urged not to overestimate the power of sociological research on voters.

‘The effectiveness of sociology manipulation, to my mind, is not very high. When we see that there are a lot of public researches and they all emphasize the support of this or that candidate, voters will not believe. At the same time, you should not underestimate them. Public polls especially active for those parties that keep balance on the edge of passage /not passage to the Parliament. If sociology shows 3% of the party, the voter who values ​​his voice, will not vote in favor of this party. If sociology consistently shows 6-7%, people vote for them. Such a situation was in the party ‘UDAR’. If earlier nobody believed in its chances then now opinion polls shows 7-8%, even 10%.

Victor Paschenko did not agree with his colleague. He believes that if the sociologist begins to manipulate the samples or think how ask questions, it is no longer science. In fact, the sociology is an extremely exact science and this is proved, in particular, by the results of polls in recent years which predicted almost all the results.

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