‘Hoverla’ outplayed ‘Metalurh’ (Rustava) with a minimum score

As it was noted in a telephone conversation with the head of the team Serhiy Rushchak, Uzhgorod completely dominated over the opponent and the score could be quite different.

‘Hoverla’ (Uzhgorod) – ‘Metalurh’ (Rustava) – 1:0

Goal: Boiko S., 24

‘Hoverla’: Nad (Babenko, 46) – Hibaliuk (Ilnytskyi, 46), Simovich (Yeliseev, 46), Boiko (Shchedrakov, 46), Hrynchenko (Melikian, 56) – Kato (Sytnyk, 46), Pochokin (Raichevych, 46), Svyrydov (Makarenko, 46), Trishovich (Trukhin, 46), Mukhovykov (Mykuliak, 46) – Kosyrin (Mishchenko, 46).

It should be noted that the Georgian club took the second place in the championship of Georgia in the last season.

The next match of our team, that is currently trains in Slovenia, will be on July 1 with the Romanian FT ‘Brashov’. This team won the ninth step in the local A-division, in last season.

Information Department of FT ‘Hoverla’

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