‘Hoverla’ failed to score for the fourth time. There are essential complaints to the referees (COVERAGE)

Uzhgorod Football Team ‘Hoverla’ was able to play on Uzhhorod ‘Avangard’ stadium only in the 4th round of Football Championship ‘Premier League’ in Ukraine.

The match started with the pressure of Lugansk, but the first more or less dangerous moment was created by Uzhgorod team. They thrust the corner and someone managed to score our first point at the border of the gate.

The really dangerous moment created ‘Hoverla’ team member Odonkor on the 6th minute. Unfortunately, he sent away the ball too far and failed to catch it up. 


Then the positional game took place. Teams generally played in middle of the pitch and there were no acute moments. Although, on the 33rd minute light disappeared from one of the four lighting towers. 


Oleksandr Sevidov conducted the first replacement in ‘Hoverla’ team on the 38-minute of the first half – Bojan Malishevych was replaced by Mykola Hibalyuk. 


The end of the match was played in favor of Football Team ‘Zoria’. Although, there were not carried any dangerous attacks. In general, the first half of ‘Hoverla’ – ‘Zoria’ match should be recognized as terribly boring. Perhaps, it was even the most boring time of ‘Hoverla’ team of this season.


Referee awarded a penalty on 84th minute… Honored it was or not, we cannot say without watching video once more. But it did not seem so from the stands. Everyone did not agree with this idea and this resumed its offensive to judge Shout-box. However, judges did not change the view after image and the ‘Zoria’ player scored the point – 0:1.

The best moment was created by Uzhgorod players at the end of the match, when the judge appointed the free kick in ‘Zoria’ gates. Unfortunately, the player did not scored the point.


That’s all. ‘Hoverla’ lost for the fourth time in a row and despite a good level of play continues to be among the outsiders of the championship, confirming its team image that is unable adequately perform in the top of Championship of Ukraine division…


Yuriy Vernydub. What concerns the game I’m glad that we took three points. We drove only for the victory. In this game we have shown that we physically ready. In the first half, we completely beat the opponent. The second half started also very well. There was a penalty in the game. I sincerely wish ‘Hoverla’ to take scores in the future. The team demonstrated a decent game.’


Oleksandr Sevidov, ‘Hoverla’ team coach: ‘First of all I’m sorry that we failed to please our fans. We waited for the warm welcome at home and we were not disappointed. We do not play in spectacular football – it does not work. We need to cling to every point in order to remain in PL. We do not hide it.

‘Zoria’ is a good team. How it achieved this result is other work. I cannot promise you that we will get points in the next rounds, but I promise that we will fight.’

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