‘House’ without walls and roof in the center of Uzhgorod was handed over as a shop for rent to Kovalskyi (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The commission meeting on the competition for the right to conclude the assets owned by Uzhgorod municipality lease agreements was held today, June 8. The issue on the 5 years leasing of the building under the shop with total 100,1 square meters area in Uzhgorod, Voloshyna Street, 24 was considered there.

We want to remind you that the next number of Uzhgorod city government printed periodical, newspaper ‘Uzhgorod’ disappeared from the sale during the second half of the May. As journalists found out, the announcement about the competition conducting exactly today was published, someone wanted to make it very secretly.

As the City Council member Yaroslav Shafar told to uzhgorod.in, the competition was held with numerous violations and pre-known results. In particular, there are supposed to be for some reason four members of the commission instead of five according to the Mayor order.

Three candidates submitted documents for the competition. Shafar draw commission’s attention after opening envelopes with applications that the documents of one of the candidates – LLC ‘BUDKESH’ do not comply with the requirements published in the ‘disappeared’ newspaper ‘Uzhgorod’: the submission date was not indicated in the application and it was impossible to establish whether the documents submission condition is accomplish – ‘in term of the 5 calendar days before the competition’.

There were no additional obligations on the adjoining territory accomplishment in the applicants’ application, as well the facility lease improvement that it was less attractive in the comparison with competitors, and the lease object is clearly needs improvement and without holding reconstruction cannot be used for store.

Shafar denied the opportunity of this object’s exposure on the lease auction because the building is in an emergency condition (there is no roof, parts of walls, floor, communications are destroyed), the object is actually does not exist.

Mr. Yaroslav also denied against the opportunity of using this object for a store. In response, the committee members presented its protocol number 13 on May 16, 2012 in which, allegedly was recorded the commission’s decision on the competition exposure of the object with exactly such an intended purposes – for store. But Shafar himself did not know about such commission’s session and he was not invited there.

Finally, the commission members did not pay any attention to the numerous violations and considered LLC ‘BUDKESH’ as the competition winner, actually passing the land in the city center for symbolic 1369, 75 hryvnia with VAT monthly rent payment to the city council deputy, the Regional Party representative, the public utility number 5 Anatolii Kovalskyi.



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