Hot summer of 2017 (PHOTOS)

Reviewing the last year, following spring and winter, we logically got to the summer. June, July and August, their moods and events – in the photos of our dear and beloved author, photographer Serhiy Hudak.


With the beginning of the summer, heat and long evenings came to our city, in the following weeks, the downtown will even resemble resort towns – same promenades, cozy terraces of cafes and leasure pace of life. And also, beautiful sunsets. Uzhgorod, you are beautiful!

6 міст

On the bank of the Uzh, people jump over the fire, worshiping Kupala. Yes, in June. Because the event was arranged by pagans who celebrate the summer solstice.

6 рідновіри

The feast for children called "Fortress" is always a good event. This time, athletes showed their skills. In particular, workout enthusiasts: strong and skillful.

6 воркаут

Ilona Zrinyi marries Imre Thokoly. Just like 335 years ago. The wedding of the most romantic couple of our lands and those times was recreated in the Palanok Castle in Mukachevo. There was even a wedding feast…

6 Ілона Імре

Visa-free travel! Two Ukrainian journalists visiting Hungary were the first to cross the border of Ukraine after the event of the year – the opening of visa-free regime with Europe.

6 безвіз


The heat… Transcarpathia takes tourists and rejoices at the first harvest and the beauty of the fields in the summer.

7 сонях

The parade of chimney-sweeps in Mukachevo becomes international: colleagues from Hungary took part in it. The chamber event is becoming more popular and has a chance to become a festival.

7 сажотрус

A large training of reservists at the military range near Uzhgorod: more than three hundred men live in the field and train in the open air.

7 резервісти

Uzhgorod regatta! As always, it is a fun holiday! The Uzh is once again (and as usual in the summer) very shallow, but for the first time, the Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv took the oars. Regatta-2017 broke the record in terms in number of participants and as usual became a great entertaining event.

7 регата


The hottest and most relaxing month of the summer, naturally, was not too eventful. So that even the adventures of the swans on the "Kirpichka" lake was covered in the news. Well, indeed, they really beautiful, and therefore worthy of attention.

8 лебеді

"Running for a soldier". The charitable race organized in the framework of the project "This Way We’ll Win" in support of the Transcarpathians, who were wounded or got sick at the front, brought together over one hundred participants. And it has all chances to become a good tradition for Uzhgorod.

8 біжу

Flag day On the occasion of the holiday, the hundred-meter-long yellow-blue flag was unfurled in Uzhgorod again. Soldiers, in particular, veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war also took.part in the ceremony

8 прапор

"Prayer for Ukraine". Uzhgorod once again wakes up Ukraine on her birthday. The Transcarpathian folk choir arranges a prayer service and a mini concert at dawn of the Independence Day. Beautiful, touching, tear-jerking…

8 молитва

And in afternoon, torches of memory were lit up in Uzhgorod. Within the volunteer charity project "This Way We’ll Win", four torches were lit up – one for each year of the war.

8 вогонь

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