Hospitals of Uzhgorod are already heated, schools are waiting until the end of holidays

City budget has no debts for energy – said the Mayor of Uzhgorod Victor Pogorelov during today’s briefing. The meeting with journalists was devoted to the heating season in the regional center. According to the mayor, the heating in Uzhgorod hospitals was turned on a week ago.
 Thus, in the perinatal center the temperature is maintained at 23-24 degrees, in pediatric hospital – between 20 and 21 degrees Celsius.
Victor Pogorelov said that Uzhgorod is 100% ready for the heating season. He said, that every day the management of the city receives data on temperature profiles in the educational institutions of the city, and the mayor gave directors of kindergartens and educational institutions the permission in their sole discretion to enable autonomous boilers once the temperature in the room is lower than 17 degrees. 
Currently the heating has been enabled only in high school "Intelekt" and in school number 13. It is assumed that other educational establishments will be saving on heating until the end of autumn holidays, that will last in Uzhgorod since 29 of October to 3 of November.

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