Holidays in Uzhgorod are going to be eventful (PROGRAM)

Yesterday, December 10, at the press center "Vsya Zakarpatska Pravda" there was the meeting with the chairman of the department of tourism of UzhNU, civic activist Fedir Shandor.

The information occasion for the meeting was the "Parade of Mikolajczyks," which will be held on December 19, but during the press conference, journalists learned about a number of other events that will take place in the regional center and beyond.

We offer a program of the events:

December 10 at 15:00 at the sweet factory of the famous pastry Valentyn Stefanyo there will be the open social workshop for orphans;

December 11 at 17:00 – meeting with known Transcarpathian writer Mykhailo Roshko in the store "Kobzar", the project "Writer behind the counter";

December 12 at 12:00 – arrival of UFOs and the presentation of Ukraine’s first UFO-parking and Ukraine’s largest QR-code,  Poshtova sq., near the newspaper "Uzhgorod" office;

December 16 – open tour "The Jewish Uzhgorod." Uzhgorod in the context of Jewish culture;

December 19 at 12:00 – "Parade of Mikolajczyks," 12:30 – "Parade of Mykolays," at 13:00 – lighting of of the main Transcarpathian Christmas tree (Teatralna sqr.);

December 20 – Second Charity Reception of Uzhgorod Mikolajczyk;

December 22 – Winter petanque competition;

December 22 – the first coffee tour in Uzhgorod.

January 1 – end of the contest "The Best Christmas Toy" and announcement of the results.

8-10 January – International Children’s Festival "Liptovskavlochka", Slovakia.

According to Fedir Shandor this year’s the most popular winter event – "Parade of Mikolajczyks and Mykolays," will gather over 200 participants. During the event dressed Uzhgorod residents will visit the children’s hospital. In addition, the participants of the parade promise to surprise the city again. 



The New Year holidays are going to be really eventful. Those who join one of New Year events will be part of the great Transcarpathian mission – creating a festive atmosphere in the city on Uzh.

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