Historical heritage: A Celtic figurine with golden eyes was found near Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

The Spiš Museum on Friday presented an important discover – a Celtic bronze statuette found in the village of Janowce in the Poprad district. 
According to archaeologist Maria Khudakova, the museum conducted archaeological research. This historic site has been known since the 19th century, but has not yet been systematically explored. The findings mainly relate to the period of the so-called La Tene culture (archaeological culture of the Celtic tribes of Iron Age Europe). Many monuments found during this period were discovered both in the eastern part of Slovakia and in Transcarpathia. 
La Tene culture of III-I centuries B.C. Transcarpathia was an important link between the Celts of Central Europe and the ancient population living north and east of the Carpathians. 
In the literature sources, there are mentions of about 40 settlements of La Tene culture in Transcarpathia. 
In 1952, near the village of Mala Byihan, Beregovo district, archaeologists found a Celtic statuette of a bronze "idol" with symbols of strength and fertility. According to the head of the Uzhgorod National University Archaeological Museum Volodymyr Moyzhes, the treasure with figurines of a boar and a man (or deity) was found by accident. 





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