Historian Volodymyr Hutsul will tell about Laborets and Slavic princes of medieval Uzhgorod

Uzhgorod history dates back to the early Middle Ages. The events and personalities of the period, including the legendary Prince Laborets, became one of the cultural brands of the city. But can we trust first written mentions of Ungvar-Uzhgorod? Who really founded the city and when, did Prince Laborets really exist, and how did Slavic rulers live and look like? What was the technology to create the "history of peoples" in the Middle Ages and what to do with the texts of that period? We will talk about that with historian Volodymyr Hutsul.
The chronological limits of this conversation is the period from the arrival of Hungarian tribes to the Carpathian lowlands until the Christianization of Hungary, namely from the end of the ninth to the first third of the eleventh century. According to Volodymyr Hutsul, this conversation will not be just a retelling of historical facts, but the discussion of the modern principles of a historian’s work, as well as advantages, drawbacks and limits of historical knowledge. 

The meeting will be held on February 25 from 14.00 to 16.00 in the "Owl’s Nest".

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