Hippies from all over Europe are come to the festival Shypit 2017

Traditionally, tourists from all over Ukraine have begun to gather at the Midsummer festival near one of the most famous waterfalls of Ukraine – the "Ukraina Turystychna" informs.

Thus, every year hippies and representatives of other subcultures come to Transcarpathia to make a midsummer bonfire, swim in cold water of the waterfalls, socialize, relax, have fun and become one with nature.

The main event of the festival takes place on the night of July 7, the Midsummer, when they make a huge bonfire, dance around it, sing with a guitar and more.

The motto of the festival is "love, peace & wine".   Many hippies and representatives of other subcultures gather at the festival. They take a rest from everyday life, shed their clothes, smoke marijuana, drink alcohol and become one with nature.

Most participants leave the festival by July 10, but some stay until the first snow.

The festival was held for the first time back in 1993. Then, it was attended by hippies from all over the former Soviet Union, and since then the festival has been expanding and attracting more new tourists to the region.

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