Heroin among plywood: a truck with over 370 kg of drug was detained at the border with Slovakia (VIDEO)

At the border with Slovakia, border guards of the Chop detachment together with customs officers detained a truck containing a significant amount of a dark brown substance. Rapid test showed that it was heroin.

The truck driven by our compatriot was heading from Ukraine through the checkpoint "Uzhgorod". The truck was transporting plywood and was supposed to be going to Germany according to the documents.

However, in view of the risk that prohibited goods could be hidden in such cargo, the border guards initiated an in-depth inspection of the vehicle. 

As a result of the joint inspection together with customs officials, the hidden drugs were found inside the sheets of glued plywood. Law enforcement were notified about that. In total, 374 kilograms of narcotic substance were recovered from the caches.


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