Heroes are already in Transcarpathia!

Recall that about 200 soldiers of the 128th Brigade are on the way, and those are our defenders who have been in the hell of war for almost 5 months. Now, they will be able to celebrate the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine not at the front, but with families.

All of Transcarpathia are going to welcome our heroes! As you know, the soldiers will arrive by buses to Mukachevo, where the 128th Brigade is stationed, and then will go to their homes on a 10-day vacation.

It is planned that the buses with our defenders will arrive to the city center, where they will be greeted by representatives of the authorities and the public of the city and the region, and of course – relatives and close friends.

We now know that the boys are already passing Svalyava! They will be home soon! Approximately at 11.00, we are meeting our heroes near the City Hall in Mukachevo! 

The people are ready to meet their heroes!






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