Here he is, the night “hero” – the policeman that rans over girls in the pedestrian center (PHOTOS)

The modern speed of communication and social networks do wonders. We already have a picture of the policeman, who deliberately ran over a girl by his tricycle in the pedestrian (!) part of the city. This is an officer of Uzhgorod Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Oleksandr Malyar.

Citizens recognized the "rider", especially since there is only one yellow tricycle in the city. By the way, Uzhgorod residents have repeatedly made comments to him on his driving style – including in places not intended for tricycles.

The photo of the "hero" was posted in the group "Uzhgorod" , witnesses of the incident confirmed – this is indeed the man who hit a girl.

Photographer Vasyl Prokopyshyn, the husband of the victim, wrote about the events: 

"On Sunday, 10.08.2014 at 22:35, the freak on a yellow tricycle deliberately ran over my wife on Korzo street. It happened after some people had told him that it was prohibited to ride a tricycle in the pedestrian zone of the city center, to which he answered back that he was a police officer and he was allowed to do it. My friends and I supported the people, surrounded the vehicle and called the traffic police. After that, the bastard pressed the gas, two people managed to jump away, and my wife ended up on the ground under the wheels. Realizing what he has done, the driver and his passenger immediately fled, we tried to detain them, but the driver fled in the direction of Poshtova Square. The wife has a serious bruise on the leg and stripped off skin on the foot."


The community intends not to let the police officer avoid responsibility.

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