Hennadiy Moskal blames the new patrol police for the increasing number of accidents on the roads of Transcarpathia

Statistical analysis of accidents on the roads of Transcarpathia demonstrates the failure of the new Patrol Police. The number of accidents and injuries increased on average by 50 percent.
According to the official data, the old traffic police did a much better job in controlling vehicular traffic in Transcarpathia.
– We compared the number of road traffic accidents (RTAs) and victims in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, and on the "Chop – Kyiv" highway within Transcarpathian region in 2014, 2015 and 2016 – the head of the Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal said. – These areas are under responsibility of the new police patrol, which was sworn in late November 2015. The patrol police actually began working in 2016, so the figures for 2014 and 2015 relate to the work of the old traffic police, and for 2016 – to the new patrol police.
So, in 2014, 63 accidents were recorded in Uzhgorod, in which 5 people died and 70 suffered various injuries. In 2015, 64 accidents occurred in Uzhgorod (1.5% increase), as a result of which 4 people were killed and 75 injured. And in 2016, (ie the time of the new patrol police work), the number of accidents in the regional center rose to 97 cases or by 51.5%! As a result, 5 people were killed and 109 received various injuries (the number of victims increased by 45.3%).
These figures once again confirm that the widely publicized and completely reformed police do not benefit the society.

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