Help… with coffee. The campaign to support those, who have been forgotten, has been announced online

Oleg Grigoriev – a traveler, photographer, human rights activist and the representative of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Ukraine in Transcarpathia – reminded us that it is really easy to help. And he asks to support those who are forgotten by everyone.

"It is not I who is writing to you, it is my conscience.

You know that I often visit psychoneurological care homes. There are very few volunteers, philanthropists or ordinary people that want to help people with mental disorders. New Year’s Eve is in a month and soon orphanages will be filled with gifts, but few people will remember about residents of psychoneurological care homes. I was contacted by Galina Yartseva, the coordinator of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers, who suggested to buy sweets for the patients. At the moment, they are are provided with basic necessities and clothing, but candy and fruits for care home residents are something special.

Friends, maybe some of you want to help these people just a little bit?

15-20 hryvnias, which is the price of a cup of coffee, will be enough. This Saturday we will go to two psychoneurological care homes of Transcarpathian region to give the patients some sweets and to wish them happy holidays.

You can transfer any amount of money during the Thursday-Friday to the card 4731 2191 0453 6754 (Mykola Skunts) of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers. Please write "care home" as the purpose of payment," – Oleg Grigoriev wrote.

The campaign was supported by the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers. The volunteer organization is already donating 6 thousand hryvnias raised during the event on November 31. But your contribution will definitely help too: let’s help together!

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