“Help the customs officer to find a contraband”

Unusual September 1 was celebrated today by the students of one of the Transcarpathian schools. Chop Customs and management Velykyy Bereznyj boarding school organized holiday excursion to the customs for their young wards as well as a fun game "Help the customs officer to find a contraband."  Felt pens – as cigarettes, puzzles – as antique paintings, children’s gun – as weapons, sugary drinks – insted of alcoholic beverages – all these surptises had been carefully hidden in three vehicles. The task for young customs inspectors was to find the contraband in the fastest possible way. The Head Chop Customs Olexander Pohylko supported the smallest kids. 

The customs officers acquaint the boarding school kids under their care with their work in a form of a game. Children liked this kind of lesson.   Young customs officers took a symbolic oath to do well at school in the new year and come back to work at the customs after graduation.

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