Heat will come to Ukraine in the second decade of June

The atmospheric fronts will pass across Ukraine and the temperature will not exceed 25 degrees during the next week.

The real summer heat will come to Ukraine in the second decade of June and in the first one the changing nature of weather is expected across Ukraine, – informed the Ukrhidromedtsentr’s head Mykhola Kulbida.

‘The weather will be changeable in Ukraine in the first decade of June. The atmospheric fronts, which will be passing one after another will be changeable. That is why we do not expect high temperatures in the first decade. There will be predominantly temperature from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius during daylight hours and from 7 to 14 degree Celsius are the night temperatures’, – he said.

Besides, according to him, there will not be raining much, but still it will be from time to time.

‘With regard to the further development, it is difficult to say, but certainly after the mild temperature conditions of the first June decade, I believe that we should expect already for the higher temperatures in the second decade of June’, – added he. 


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