Heat is returning to Ukraine

In the period from July 30 to August 5, dry and hot weather in Ukraine will be mainly determined by the area of ​​high pressure.

During the week the temperature in the country on average will be 16-24 degrees by night, 30-38 degrees by day.

The area of ​​low pressure with atmospheric front will cause thunderstorms to the west of Ukraine, on July 31- in the northern regions, as well as on the 1st – in the eastern part of the country. The temperature in the west will be 12-19 degrees at night, 27-32 by day. On the 31st,  rains will stop, it will become colder at night: 9-14 degrees, 20-25 degrees during the day.

Taken from http://ua.sinoptik.ua, http://ubr.ua/ukraine-and-world/society/sleduushuu-nedelu-ukraina-budet-stradat-ot-38-gradusnoi-jary-152569

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