Health Ministry: every Ukrainian woman has to give birth to 3 or 4 children

Ministry of Health determined that in order to preserve national demography each Ukrainian woman must give birth to three or four children. This was stated by the Deputy Chief of maternal and child health department of the Ministry of Health Valentyna Kolomeychuk during the presentation of the report of the UN Population Fund, informed the Ukrainska Pravda.

She also said that the country is experiencing a downward trend in abortions: in 1995 there were 715 000 abortions, and in 2011 – 156 000. 65% of them were made at the request of women, others – for medical reasons.

At the same time the situation of early pregnancy is becoming blatant. Thus, about 100 girls aged 10-14 years in Ukraine have abortions, girls aged 15-17 have about 2 thousand abortions, and 7,000 teenage girls in this age group give birth.

As you know, the United Nations identified Ukraine as a world leader in terms of urban population reduction. For example, the city that is dying the fastest is Dnepropetrovsk.

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