Headmasters of Uzhgorod schools joined the Party of Regions as one

On October 11 Uzhgorod City Organization of the Party of Regions accepted to their ranks eight new members. Party membership cards were issued to headmasters of Uzhgorod schools, head of the city education department, and other leaders of educational institutions.

From now on the following persons are the members of the PR: Petro Kindyukh, director of Uzhgorod specialized school of I-III grades № 5, Jaroslav Kyrlyk, director of Uzhgorod ANVK school, Volodymyr Polishchuk, director of secondary school number 15, Yaryna Kharina, Director of School № 12, Oksana Schneider, head of the pre-school establishment number 38, Hanna Blaha, head of the pre-school establishment number 30, Zinaida Zinych, head of the pre-school establishment № 8 "Dzvinochok" and Maryan Komarnicki, Head of Education Department of Uzhgorod City Council – reported the Information Bureau "Analityk-Kontent".

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