Head of Forestry of Transcarpathia suspects who could have ordered a hit on him

 Last night Uzhgorod police officers received information from the head of the Forestry Directorate of Transcarpathian region Igor Fizyk, that the door of his apartment had been blown up. This is not the first attack on the official. Earlier, on October 4, at 23.00 unknown men attacked Igor Fizyk, when he had come home from work. They inflicted several blows with bats.

Today, the head of the forestry and game husbandry directorate of the region Igor Fizyk shared his suspicions about who and why could have done it:

"Those who are in no way to blame, are always in trouble. Let the court decide if I am guilty of something or not. Let the police investigate it. I have a few thoughts about who could have done it.I already shared them with the policemen. There may be many reasons why they did it. You cannot be liked by everyone. I believe that this is due to my work in forestry, the discipline, the order that we began to establish in forestry for the past two years.

Number of illegal logging has decreased, wages for our staff have increased. We have put a squeeze on somebody’s illegal business in the woods, someone has been fired, someone has been punished. Some expect me fired, but it does not work. Maybe they want me out of the region because I’m not local.

If grenades came into play, it is not normal. At night we were very frightened. My wife and child were in the apartment. Before I could det over the first insident, which occurred to me, here is the second one. But I will say to those, who did that, I will be working on. I am as tough as all of the Transcarpathians" – said Igor Fizyk.

The design of the explosive device is currently unknown, although it is thought that it was a grenade.  The police take measures to establish the person who committed the crime. Prosecutors opened a criminal case under Article 194 of the Criminal Code – deliberate damage to property.

 Chas Zakarpattya 

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